Woman of Marikana, the conversation that must be…

An engagement for the nation but will be discussed by those who can and will attend on October 29, 2016. As announced yesterday, we are hosting a dialogue session where as the public can revisit Marikana the event and have a discourse about the living conditions in the mining community.

Woman of Marikana aims to include the voices of the woman who feel voiceless and have disappeared in the shadow of the mining town. Woman from the mining community will relay the living condition in Marikana and whether much has changed for the better or worse. In order to have this discussion and be on the same page a series of articles from notable authors will be disseminated on this platform. Starting with Invisible hands: Women of Marikana written by Asanda Benya.

Invisible hands: Women of Marikana

The weekend of the 29th October 2016 please make way, to the Bannister Hotel on De Beer Street in Braamfontein to listen to the personal stories of the Sikhala Sonke woman. Not forgetting to engage with the speakers from SERI and Uhuru Production that will be present.

Only in partnership can we help rebuild communities. The Africa We Want, starts here.

Follow below link to RSVP:


We are Pan African writers. We write about the livelihood of “Black bodies” in an anti-black society. We use Pan Africanism & Black Consciousness as tools of analysis to diagnose many of the conditions that plague us as a people and come up with solutions that can progress the African Nation towards Total & Universal Black Liberation, Now!

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