Rape on the Platinum Belt

“The problem is men who want to control women and the socio economic issues like high unemployment and lack of housing” Thumeka Ngqawana

Closing down to 29 October 2016, the public discourse on Woman of Marikana needs to be fully engaged by all. It is not just to discuss the aftermath of the massacre but to dig deep to issues that surround the woman who are equally part of the mining town. In this article: http://www.wwmp.org.za/index.php/publications/elitsha/253-1-in-4-women-in-the-platinum-belt-have-been-raped

Mzi Velaphi opens up with a startling fact that ‘1 in 4 woman have been raped in Rustenburg’ and that 95% have not informed a nursing practitioner or maybe even reported the rape. This is an approximate of 11 000 thousand woman/girls who have been violated, maybe living with HIV and have not felt the need to speak up or seek help. As perplexing this may be it does not compare to the silence of the unions and mine bosses that turn a blind eye to the ‘contractual sex’ in order to meet the quota.

Who is to blame or should fingers be pointed at all? The Mining charter is in favour of woman being included into the mining sector. Yet nothing has been said about how woman should be deployed in this hostile environment. The rape and murder of female mine worker Binky Mosiane illustrates much needs to be done to protect and ensure safety for woman regardless of the environment.

The opening quote highlights issues that need to be resolved in the mining belt and our respective societies at large. Join us we explore these topics on 29 October 2016 at the Bannister Hotel on De Beer Street in Braamfontein. Tickets are free so please RSVP to book your seat on the following link:



We are Pan African writers. We write about the livelihood of “Black bodies” in an anti-black society. We use Pan Africanism & Black Consciousness as tools of analysis to diagnose many of the conditions that plague us as a people and come up with solutions that can progress the African Nation towards Total & Universal Black Liberation, Now!

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