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Who are we?

We are Pan African writers. We write about the livelihood of the “Black man” in an anti-black society.

Why we exist?

We exist in order to awaken the African child

To awaken the minds of those who are still sleeping

To assist the African child as he faces the big task of decolonizing the mind

Vision and Mission

Africa is said to be a sleeping giant. It will only take an Awakened generation with a desire to create the Africa we want, that will raise this sleeping giant. The ultimate aim is to create a Pan Africanist newspaper one similar to the Negro World by Marcus Garvey. In essence we want to establish ourselves as independent writers who write in their own capacity pertaining to issues of Pan Africanism.

Specifically defined vision:

To awaken the minds of the people of Africa so we can build the Africa we want.

Mission: this will be achieved through

  • Pan Africanist blog posts pertaining to the current issues the black man is faced with
  • Engaging with current online portals so as to repost blog posts
  • Establishing a Pan African newspaper just like the “Negro World”
  • Collaborating with other Pan African writers to diversify the content

Celebrating days of “Commemorations” with a different twist

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