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Happy Independence Day Mozambique!

Today Mozambique celebrates its 42nd day of independence from Portugal. Freedom is an elusive concept, it has no destination as it lends itself to being a continuous journey. By the words of Samora ‘the struggle continues against tribalism, ignorance, illiteracy,

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Happy Africa Day!!!

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Happy Independence Day, Eritrea

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Letter from occupied Azania to Africa

In all our conversations with our continental friends, my understanding is that there is a general failure to grasp the complexity and uniqueness of South Africa’s history. The “obsession” between black and white as they tend to call it, is

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2017 the year of Pan Afrikanism

By The Good Elephant  An awakening is currently under way within the black populace. We have reached a point whereby through the Virtual connectivity allotted to us by the power of the internet, especially social media, the black mass is

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Azania Burning

By Mfungelwa Sithole The spirit of liberation within Azania was burning and South Africa got burnt by the flames of rebellion. The writer Lunga Tlou introduces us to the two state analysis in he’s article, “Pimp My Ghetto”. The two

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Hear us. See us. I am an African Woman

By: Nomkhuma Woman’s Month notable national commemorations towards woman subsided with the month of August. Sadly so have the loud cries of women that seem to fall on deaf ears. Maybe 16 Days of activism is a start in bringing

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