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Letter from occupied Azania to Africa

In all our conversations with our continental friends, my understanding is that there is a general failure to grasp the complexity and uniqueness of South Africa’s history. The “obsession” between black and white as they tend to call it, is

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“You Have A Right To……Only If You Can Afford It”

   Image source: By The Good Elephant Prior to our president exercising his constitutional right to fire and appoint ministers, South Afrca celebrated Human Rights day on the 21st of Mrach. It is because of that day that I

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2017 the year of Pan Afrikanism

By The Good Elephant  An awakening is currently under way within the black populace. We have reached a point whereby through the Virtual connectivity allotted to us by the power of the internet, especially social media, the black mass is

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Rape on the Platinum Belt

“The problem is men who want to control women and the socio economic issues like high unemployment and lack of housing” Thumeka Ngqawana Closing down to 29 October 2016, the public discourse on Woman of Marikana needs to be fully engaged

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Identities in Mining

In this article, Asanda Benya looks at the identities in the mining field. The manner in which personalities are dropped and adopted just to get through a days work. Does the environment determine the bias to a gender and

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Still protesting after 4years?

It is said that things change with time, yet 4 years later we still have people protesting in Marikana. The reasons for the protest might be slightly different but reactions seem familiar as seen with the article below: Can

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Woman of Marikana, the conversation that must be…

An engagement for the nation but will be discussed by those who can and will attend on October 29, 2016. As announced yesterday, we are hosting a dialogue session where as the public can revisit Marikana the event and have

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