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Why Do We Want The Land Back?

By The Good Elephant Image source: “We take our stand on the principle that Afrika is one and desires to be one and nobody, I repeat, nobody has the right to balkanize our land” – Robert Sobukwe (1959) Post-apartheid South

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The Pan African thought leader series

“To control a people you must first control what they think about themselves and how they regard their history and culture. And when your conqueror makes you ashamed of your culture and your history, he needs no prison walls and

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Cape Verde also celebrates its Independence Day today!

To a country with a great story to tell in terms of stable democracy, good governance, political stability and civil liberties, we say Happy Independence Day to Cape Verde. May the progress made in terms of standards of living and

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Happy Independence Day Algeria

To the Nation of Algeria, we say Happy Independence Day. With 2017 being the 57th year of Independence that Algeria celebrates, we make a plea that through a combined effort, may you push to diversify your economy so the threats

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Celebrating 57 years of independence with Somalia.

To a country that sits at the Horn of Africa, we say Happy 57th Independence Day to the Republic of Somalia. The independence from Colonial rule is yet to be fully experienced by Africas Eastern most nation as it sits

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Celebrating 41 years of independence with Seychelles.

To one of Africa’s bustling Islands, boasting of a population of less than 100 000, we say Happy 41st Independence day to Seychelles. Africa’s Unity is much critical to nations such as the Seychelles who’s geographic location can be a

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Djibouti, Celebrates 40 years of Independence.

To one of the countries situated at the Horn of Africa, We say Happy 40th Independence day to Djibouti. As a growing nation of less than a million citizens, a lot still needs to be done to bring the development

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