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The Untold Story of the Apartheid Museum

By Black House Kollective Two racist white men, with the blessing of a rotten ANC and corrupt South African judiciary steal a black man’s registered trademark: The Apartheid Museum. This story provides a miniscule account of an ongoing racist assault

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Consciousness of being: Re-imagining Biko 40 years on

A lecture delivered at the University of California Los Angeles and Freedom Park, 7 July 2017. By Veli Mbele Forty years after Steve Biko’s murder in detention, the world we live in has not changed fundamentally for Black people. Regardless

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Letter from occupied Azania to Africa

In all our conversations with our continental friends, my understanding is that there is a general failure to grasp the complexity and uniqueness of South Africa’s history. The “obsession” between black and white as they tend to call it, is

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“You Have A Right To……Only If You Can Afford It”

   Image source: By The Good Elephant Prior to our president exercising his constitutional right to fire and appoint ministers, South Afrca celebrated Human Rights day on the 21st of Mrach. It is because of that day that I

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“Pimp my Ghetto”

By Lunga Tlou Image source:   I-Kasi, the Hood, the Projects, the Favelas or globally known as The Ghetto. I am reminded of Atomza of the Muffinz when he sung the chorus of their song, The Ghetto, saying “I’m from

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The Miseducation of the Black child

Written By Lunga Tlou  Image source: The African nation has once again been awakened to the ills that come with taking children to schools built for European kids. The reality of white owned, white run, white school governed &

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The Ace of R-aci-sm Part 2

In the office recently, a colleague was saying she just wrote a burning email to her child’s school principal about a demeaning comment made by the sports coach. The daughter had missed a shot during netball practice and the sports coach said in response “my 3 months old daughter can shoot better than you” of which the child responded in tears, but hey, where have we ever seen black tears count for anything? I wasn’t surprised, just the normal “Yhuu Abelungu” thought. My response was “if only you had a “credible” black school to take your child too” because our Pan African forefathers did mention that it’s high-time we “build & support our own institutions”. A white school with a white principal, many white teachers, a marginally white School governing body and a white sports coach was not built for the African child.

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