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Letter from occupied Azania to Africa

In all our conversations with our continental friends, my understanding is that there is a general failure to grasp the complexity and uniqueness of South Africa’s history. The “obsession” between black and white as they tend to call it, is

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“You Have A Right To……Only If You Can Afford It”

   Image source: By The Good Elephant Prior to our president exercising his constitutional right to fire and appoint ministers, South Afrca celebrated Human Rights day on the 21st of Mrach. It is because of that day that I

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“Pimp my Ghetto”

By Lunga Tlou Image source:   I-Kasi, the Hood, the Projects, the Favelas or globally known as The Ghetto. I am reminded of Atomza of the Muffinz when he sung the chorus of their song, The Ghetto, saying “I’m from

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The State of the Kaffir

By Mfungelwa “Funkie” Sithole The above is meant to get you angry while you are still in that state, let’s talk about our suffering. It seems when you are outraged it’s the only time you discuss issues on this occasion of

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